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To Remove Lid

To Close and Secure Lid

Using Your Bubble Bags

Care and Cleaning of Black BBR Saddlebags

Care of Birch White or Glacial White BBR Saddle Bags

Care of Locks and Metal Parts

Bracket Mounting Instructions

Checking Your Bag Installation

Instructions for Bubble Bag Operation

To Remove Lid:
With one hand, press down on the front of the lid while unsnapping the latch mechanism with your other hand.  Swing the u-hasp forward to allow the front of the lid to rise up.  Lift the lid up and forward.  The lid can then hang down by the safety tether.
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To Close and Secure Lid:
Check to make sure the safety tether has been snapped on to the D-ring inside.  Place the “beavertail” hinge (located at the rear of the lid) under the bag overhang.  Make sure the lid is centered and overhangs the chrome bag rim.  If left alone, the lid will rest jacked up about one inch in the front.  Then push the front of the lid down, compressing the rubber gasket until the “tooth” on the latch engages into the lock body.  Again, make sure the lid is centered on the bag rim before you flip the u-hasp and snap down.  At this point you can choose to lock your bags with a key or operate your motorcycle with unlocked bags.  If closed properly and snapped, engine vibration or hard road bumps will not pop the lid off.  The lid coming off was a problem all too common on the original Royalite product, but BB Reproductions has analyzed this design problem and has made slight changes to the lock hardware to insure that this problem does not occur. 

We have been told that another current brand of replica bubble bags (manufactured in Taiwan) still have the lid popping problem of the original.  We don’t know first hand if this is a common occurrence, but we do know that you can count on BB Reproductions to stand behind our products and remedy any problems should they occur.  We are a small company and customer satisfaction is the essential ingredient to growing our business.
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Using Your Bubble Bags:
Our bags are a medium volume (approximately 23 quart) relative to larger touring motorcycles.  They are wide enough to store a ½ helmet or carry a gallon or more of milk.

These bags are also essentially watertight, but if ridden in heavy rains a small amount of water could enter past the lid gasket.  The insides of our bags are smooth plastic and can be wiped clean.  We have been asked about inner liners and it is our recommendation that the owner purchase heavyweight nylon drawstring “stuff bags” available in different sizes at sporting good stores.  Or, if you prefer, some marine or camping stores have rubberized, liquid-proof type bags that will provide good separation and containment for tools, oil, food, etc.
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Care and Cleaning of Black BBR Saddlebags:
Remove dust or dirt by washing bags with water and car wash soap, then drying them with a clean cotton towel.  For a touch up between washings you can use disposable moist cleaning wipes sold for cleaning interior car panels.  Make sure you buy cleaning wipes and not preservative wipes.  This will maintain the satin black leather look and feel.

However, if you prefer a glossier, wet look than the factory satin finish, apply a silicone product such as Armor All Preservative after cleaning.  Armor All makes the cleaning wipes as well as the preservative wipes (silicone), so be careful to choose the type for the look you desire.  We have found that Meguiar’s One Step Leather Care (a cream) or black Kiwi Shoe Polish can help your BBR Royalite Bubble Bags keep that new factory satin leather look.
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Care of Birch White or Glacial White BBR Saddle Bags:
White bags require more frequent attention than black bags, but our chemical resistant plastic can withstand repeated cleaning.  First, wash the bags with car wash soap and water.  A non-scratch grade of Scotchbrite pad or nylon bristle brush will remove most stubborn dirt and grease.  If you need stronger measures, use Westley’s Bleche-Wite sold for whitewall tires.  As a last resort, for tar or black boot scuffs, you may use a tar/adhesive remover such as 3M Adhesive Cleaner 08984.  Apply a small amount to a clean white cotton cloth and just about any marks will come off.

Again, applying a silicone preservative such as the one made by Armor All will change your satin textured finish to a wet, shiny look.  It is your choice.  Harley-Davidson and marine stores sell plastic preservatives which can’t hurt Royalite plastic, but we suggest you try a small area on the back side so you can judge the results.
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Care of Locks and Metal Parts:
Periodically, apply several drops of 3-in-1 Oil into the mechanism for smooth operation.  Keep chrome parts clean and use a wax product to keep rust from starting.  Black metal parts such as the inner lid frame can be touched up with Krylon Semi-Flat Black Spray Paint #1613 found in Wal-Marts in 12 oz. cans.  For small scratches or chips, just spray a small amount into a container and using a tiny detail brush apply the needed amount.  This Krylon Semi-Flat Black paint will also match all our brackets except our model for hardtail panheads.  For this bracket, use Harley-Davidson Hi Temp Silver/Gray #98606EL.
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Bracket Mounting Instructions:
BBR Royalite Bubble Bags mount to a steel bracket, which is designed to be bolted to a specific model.  The bag itself fits onto a universal four point docking system, which is held in place with four spring clips.  Two pins are inside the bag and two are underneath.  Thus, an unlocked bag can quickly be removed from the bracket with no tools.  Our bags will mount onto all of the original styles of Bubble Bag brackets and the original H-D Royalite bags will fit onto our new brackets.

These brackets typically are bolted with two bolts into holes found for accessories in the tail (fender) struts.  Therefore, drilling or modifications to the motorcycle are not necessary.  In most cases the brackets are held away from the chrome tail struts by spacer bushings that we supply.  If on certain models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles quick disconnect accessories such as sissy bar back rests or luggage racks are being used, it is still possible to incorporate our brackets which remain independent of the accessories.  In this case, you would use the grooved bushings Harley-Davidson provides instead of ours.

We are asked if we have quick disconnect hardware for our brackets.  The short answer is no.  However, on most modern bikes, the tail struts have threaded bolt holes for accessories.  Thus, a single small wrench will remove the brackets as quickly as you can unthread two bolts per side.

Some “do-it-yourself” people have incorporated other makes of no tool quick connectors to our brackets.  Our concern is that our brackets are securely and rigidly mounted to the bike for worry free operation.

As most people know, the modern motorcyclist can choose from a large variety of makes, models, model years and custom accessories.  It is important to speak to us before ordering to check feasibility in your situation.  Some models have pipe, turn signal, spring-shock, belt guard nut, axle nut cover, or brake caliper issues to sort through.  Some bikes (such as the belt drive Sportsters and V-Rods) can’t be fitted with our bags due to clearance issues.  Anyone who purchases a BB Reproductions product and can’t make it work or wants to return it will receive a full refund.
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Checking Your Bag Installation:
Harley-Davidson and other motorcycle manufacturers recommend the use of Loctite 243 (blue) thread locker available at auto parts stores.  We do too, but in any case, check the tension of bolts periodically for proper torque.

Once mounted, it is essential that the owner compresses the rear suspension and checks for clearances in case the suspension is bottomed out.  Otherwise, damage or punctures to the bottom of your bag could occur.  If there is a potential problem, or an “already happened” problem, please call us.  We want happy, satisfied customers!

-Richard Brown, BB Reproductions
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